Mould Making Cadcam

With over 30 years experience in the mould and die industries, Delcam’s PowerSolution offers a complete range of solutions for the modern toolmaker.

With PowerSHAPE you can-

  • Analyse the model for damaged, duplicated or missing surfaces.
  • Interactively inspect draft angles.
  • Visualise hard to mould regions such as thin walls and ribs, and undercut areas.
  • Use process-driven ‘Wizards’ to extract cavities, cores, and slides straight from imported geometry.
  • Repair, replace or modify surface or solid models.
  • Add textures, logos, and complex embossed reliefs.

Toolmaker for Press Die Design

  • Do you need to shorten delivery times while improving quality?
  • Would you like to reduce your design cycle by 30%?

If so, Delcam Toolmaker could be the solution you are looking for. Based on PowerSHAPE, Delcam’s state-of-the-art surface modelling software, Delcam Toolmaker contains all the tools you need. Fast, powerful, and yet extremely easy to use, no shape is too complex for Toolmaker. Specialist tools for the design of press-specific geometries such as addendum surfaces and draw beads bring a breadth of functionality typically only found in expensive, third party add-ons to existing CAD software.  With Delcam Toolmaker you get a fully integrated design solution. Adding PowerMILL and PowerInspect gives you a complete, end-to-end solution; design, manufacturing and inspection all from a single supplier.

Whether you start with a 2D plan, or go straight to 3D, Delcam Toolmaker will help you achieve the perfect press die faster.

Delcam plc is a world renowned provider of complete, integrated CAD/CAM solutions for complex shaped parts.

The Power Solution range is widely used in applications as diverse as automotive engineering, mould and toolmaking, product design, and packaging.

A hair dryer in it’s packaging and consumer beauty products on shelfs
For packaging designers and manufacturers Power Solution offers these key benefits –
Rapid design of even the most demanding shapes, even those which traditional modelling systems find difficult or impossible.
Texture wrapping to add extra value to designs by incorporating complex features such as embossed logos, grip surfaces and other patterns.
Morphing to carry out complex ‘what-if’ modifications to existing designs.
Fully integrated 2D and 3D machining (up to 5 axis) with PowerMILL to create moulds, tools and models to exactly replicate the CAD model.
Reverse engineer with CopyCAD to convert existing physical models or parts into CAD data.
Artistic CAD/CAM with ArtCAM to create complex 3D relief models direct from 2D artwork or photographs.

Product Design Cadcam

Which of these do you think is most important in a CAD system for conceptual design?

A – To be able to define the shapes you want to design, even the complex curvy ones, without compromise!.

B – To be able to design simple shapes quickly and efficiently and worry about the tricky stuff later.

If you chose ‘A’ we agree with you, and that’s why we have created PowerSHAPE.

PowerSHAPE is a true ‘hybrid’ modeller, equally at home with complex 3D surfaces as with simple primitive shapes. PowerSHAPE’s easy to use surface design tools allow you complete freedom in styling your product to ensure you achieve the perfect shape. Its revolutionary surface and solids editing functions mean that you can make changes to your design without having to use complex parametrics, freeing your creativity by allowing even unplanned modifications to be made quickly and efficiently. Powerful morphing techniques allow even more creativity, bending, twisting or stretching existing designs to even more complex forms. Combine this power and ease-of-use with Delcam’s patented total modelling concept and you have a complete solution. Surfaces, solids, and complex 3D texturing all under one roof.

Fast, accurate sketching
Unrivalled freedom in surface design and editing to create perfect shapes.
In-built rendering for production of high quality images.
Comprehensive design for manufacture tools ensuring designs can actually be made!
Integrated drafting and assembly tools to complete the picture.

Plastics Cadcam

The continued growth of the plastics industry depends on companies at all stages of the supply chain being able to develop more innovative designs and to manufacture them at higher quality with shorter lead times. Modern CADCAM technology can contribute at every stage of the product development process, from developing the initial concept, through prototyping and design modification, to the manufacture of tooling for mass production.

For the designer, Delcam’s PowerSHAPE hybrid modeller can boost productivity in a wide range of product development projects. For example, many plastic components feature complex external surfaces needing surface modelling, together with relatively simple internal geometry, such as ribs or bosses, that can be created more efficiently with solid modelling. With its hybrid capabilities, PowerSHAPE provides an ideal CAD solution for companies designing automotive and aerospace parts, electrical appliances, ceramics, footwear, packaging, sports equipment and toys, as well as all types of tooling.

Once the design is complete, the Delcam Toolmaker module provides a powerful, highly-automated system that allows designers of injection mould tools to maximise efficiency and reduce mistakes by moving from processes based on traditional two-dimensional drawings to new methods based on three-dimensional computer models.