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Electrode provides automatic generation of solid electrode models with optional tool path generation for EDM. The process is simple whilst at the same time flexible. This is undeniably the most sophisticated electrode software on the market. Within a few minutes a complex cavity in a model can be automatically extracted to form a collision-checked 3D solid model of the electrode, together with its holder, set-up sheets and tool paths.

Electrode includes

  • Automatic generation of the set-up sheet drawings for the machining and EDM
  • Integrated within PowerSHAPE & PowerMILL
  • Precise control over extension surfaces gives excellent quality surfaces under many different geometric conditions
  • Extendable libraries of standard and user-defined electrode blanks and holders
  • Automatic creation of cap surfaces that cover the electrode's burn cavity that ensure toolpaths of the main core model ignore the burn area
  • Automatic recognition and correction when the electrode assembly interferes with the main model
  • Extraction of several independent burn regions as one electrode
  • Export of geometry as IGES or dgk
  • Export of set-up data in csv, html and xml formats
  • Choice of alignment notches to the form of the blank for correct set-up by the EDM operator
  • A knowledge base that recommends suitable under sizes for roughing and finishing
  • Direct transfer of data to AGIEVision™ EDM software

Electrode benefits

  • Easy to learn logical process with a dynamic and easy to use interface offering unrivalled flexibility
  • Significant savings over traditional CAD
  • Guarantees being able to create the electrode with the support of PowerSHAPE's hybrid modelling
  • Guarantees consistent quality
  • Organises multi-electrode jobs
  • Standard catalogs of blanks and holders included
  • Immediate set-up sheets
  • Ideal for shop floor use and occasional user
  • Direct machining with PowerMILL
  • Automation and organisation of the process minimises costly mistakes